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The king's gardens once upon a time...

Planning & info
Have you ever been in an amazing, green and majestic park? So, come with us and we will show you all the little corners over the Retiro Park.

It has about 118 ha., bigger at first because it was de kings' gardens. Created in 1640 by Philip 4th, he has got made this impressive green area to do many plans and activities with other kings and nobles in there.

The Retiro Park was only for the high society till 1868 when the queen Elisabeth II was exiled to Paris and then the green park became public and everybody could enjoy of the beautiful places and monuments as the Fisherman Little House, the Artificial Mountain, the Glass Palace, Velazquez House, the Big Lake....

Lots of little monuments inside this historical park in the city center of Madrid in this family friend tour.
You can't miss it at all!
Leader's advise
- Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
- Bring your camera to take beautiful photos
- Drinks, foods and tickets are not included
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Plaza de la Independencia, Madrid, España

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Date (dd/mm/aaaa)
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