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Ladies, theater, wine and passion

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Welcome to writers district: Huertas. In this place some several years ago characters as Cervantes, Quevedo or others famous writers of Golden Century of our literature have lived in. In fact, we will pass next to Cervantes' bury in Trinitarias' Convent, very near to Lope de Vega's House.

Also the most famous theaters (Corralas de Comedias) were here, one in front of Plaza de Santa Ana, a charming square, the heart of the district and the other big one was between Puerta Sol and this place.

Romantic cafés, taberns, bullfight, flamenco, music and writers were popular on these street we will go on them during an interesting tour about this outstanding place in the city.
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-Food and drinks and tickets are not incluided.
-Always the tour will be OUTSIDE, we don't foresee going in any house, museum, church or others
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Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, Madrid, España

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Date (dd/mm/aaaa)
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