We can change history
by changing your travel experience.

    Private Tours

    Self-managed quotes for your corporate events

    Corporate events made simple

    Tourme allows you to manage your corporate events without any third party and direct access to a Tourme Corporate Event Manager in a dynamic, quick and professional environment.

    Investing in people

    The corporate events that we offer are an investment in professional relationships. All historial, cultural and gastronomical activities are adapted for business groups.

    Corporate expenses

    Your corporate events may be booked by corporate card in advance via virtual POS eliminating the need to raise purchase orders in your ERP.


    You are in charge of your budget. Personalize it in real time to suit your exact requirements without the need for human intervention.

    Automatic invoicing

    Your invoice will be sent automatically via email. You may also download copies from the plattform whenever you like.

    Experience Manager

    You will have a dedicated Experience Manager assigned to you who will help you to fine tune every last detail of your event.

    Direct communication

    We do not work with third parties. You will have direct access to a Tourme Experience Manager who will manage the end-to-end process.

    Need a real-time quote?

    A simple process that allow you to manage your budget by mixing, adding or removing different activities until it fits your corporate requirements.

    Personalize your corporate event

    1. Fill in how many people will assist

    2. Drag&drop different activities

    3. Click to get your quote

    Contact us Frequently Asked Questions

    • Before booking your corporate event, you can contact us at any time and one of our especialist will respond you as soon as possible to clarify any questions you may have. In order to facilitate this communication, we recommend that you provide your contact number.

      Once your event is booked, you will be in direct contact with your Experience Manager in order to fine tune every last detail of the experience such as timings, meeting locations, ticket reservations, transport, etc.

      Tourme guarantees that your data will NEVER be provided to third parties and it will ONLY be used to contact you to arrange your experience.

    • Your corporate experiences may be booked by corporate card in advance via virtual POS eliminating the need to raise purchase orders in your ERP.

      If your corporate expense policy requires that you receive an invoice payable via bank transfer, please contact us and we can make flexible arrangements to suit your needs.

    • Yes, it's possible.

      You can modify your corporate events by dragging and dropping private tours to your experience box.

      At this stage you will get a quote and an associated experience code. You can use this code to modify your experience as you wish. Once your experience is book, any modifications must be consulted with your Experience Manager.

    • Your payment is 100% secure.

      To pay for the experience you will be redirected to a secure banking platform where Visa/Mastercard are accepted. We will send you a confirmation email

      We strongly recommend that you fill in your name and contact number when you make the booking. This information will never be shared with third parties.