Private tourism

Museums, places and gastronomy in Spain

Private tourism in...

Tourme was born as a private tourism start-up that offers travelers a way to know and enjoy different Spanish cities through its three main pillars: history, art and culture and gastronomy.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture

Enjoy the mythology behind a painting, discover social relations hidden in portraits, why blur, lights... leaded by a private arts expert just for you and your people who will even manage museum tickets to avoid any unconfortable queue if you want them to without any extra cost.
This is private tourism.

Arts and Culture
Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions

Discover the spanish culture, our history, by visiting the most representative buildings, attractions and well known places by foot or private transport (if you require it) leaded by tourism and history experts who will make your activity an incredible private tourism experience.

Tourist Attractions
Spanish food

Best spanish food

You will finally understand a culture by tasting it gastronomy. We are delighted to make you try or famous tapas, spanish ham, spanish omelet and many many other delicious food in a confidence environment as part of this private tourism experience in Spain.

What about all together?

You won't have to choose between different activities or pay different ones. Our private experts will mix history and gastronomy activities in the same experience depending on the place you visit so you can understand better our culture. Only you, your people and your professional local guide. This is what we understand as private tourism.


We can't change the history,
only the way it's transmitted.


Quality employment

We've build a network whose model is based in quality employment, supporting young qualified professionals and giving them the opportunity to offer the best tourist attractions activities.

What to do?

Let's forget this question with our selection of tourist attractions activities. Having a personal tourism consultant for the perfect travel is now affordable by everyone to discover paramount city experiences.


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We're close to the school

Tourme Schools is an initiative that aims to bring students the history, art and culture in an interactive way allowing them to "understand" by participating in private and personalized activities in Spain.

We recognize the work of teachers and schools, so we assist them designing and planning private and personalized activities through various workshops, visiting museums or walking the city, always under direct supervision. Check it out!