Our history. Never forget where you come from

Where do we go?

What can we do today?

Those where the two questions responsible for the creation of Tourme.
José María de Juan and two other friends were visiting an european city in summer and they wanted to do something different, but they didn't know how to do it.

"We didn't want to join a group of tourist watching and listening what you can already read. We wanted to do something different out of the "typical photo zone". We wanted to visit the surrounding areas of the city. We wanted someone to talk to... but we did not find the way to do it properly (and cheaper)."

The best we could have at that moment would have been an app where we could choose someone who share some time with us.

Let's meet a private local expert for us

Almost 200.000 lines of code before, you can join Tourme, a network where people can set up a private tour with a qualified professional at the right price.