Our sustainable tourism proposition in Spain

Cultural tourism in Spain

As a passionate and multidisciplinary team at Tourme, our aim is to transmit our art, history and culture based on sustainable and cultural tourism that directly supports the local economy.

We are a startup company that addresses the needs of tourists, corporates and schools delivering cultural and gastronomical experiences through personalized guided private tours to museums, local restaurants and places of cultural interest.

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Igualdad de género en el sector turístico



Inspiration comes alive

A personal travel experience was the starting point of the Tourme project. "Wouldn't it be possible to make private tours affordable for a wider public?" We found our startup's mission.


Helping teachers with complimentary activities

We thought it would be very interesting to help school pupils gain a better understanding of our history by explaining artworks and pictures in different museums and walking tours. We wanted to make it possible for them to have a experience whereby they could really touch and feel what they study in the classroom through different activities.


Tourme Schools Educational platform

We developed a new educational platform that allows teachers to develop and share curriculum-based activities for their pupils making them accesible to other teachers saving time and up to 60% of the cost.


Private cultural tours & Corporate Events

We redesigned the entire project from scratch, based on increasing traveller demands for sustainable tourism, businesses needs and our own personal travel experiences in order to have a unique offering that includes historical, cultural and gastronomical experiences.


Unifying the different experiences

After working hand-in-hand with teachers, schools, corporates and tourists whilst building on the project, we decided to unify all the experiences into a single channel. A single platform that improves commercial relationships in order to optimize processes with a view to achieving "real time".

All of this without forgetting the deep gratitude we have for all those who have inspired us and allowed us to continue during tough times


Life stopped

We should reflect on the fact that something not even visible can slow down the entire human race.





Y la vida siguió como siguen las cosas que no tienen mucho sentido *

We hope that this project will help revolitonise the travel industry making culture, history and gastronomy accessible to a wider public as well as helping other entrepreneurs innovate in the field of sustainable tourism.

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ;)

* Donde habita el olvido. Joaquín Sabina.

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