We can change history
by changing your travel experience.

    We love to travel.
    It's our passion.

    Tourme: the tourism startup

    As a multidisciplinar, young and passionate team, we are focused on changing the tourism experiences to show our history, culture and gastronomy the way travellers demand. We are trying to change the future of tourism, even knowing it would be history the next second.

    A humble startup with a quality tourism project for a wider public, from private walking tours designed for international travellers to corporate events with self-managed quotes and cultural activities for students like tours in different museums or walking tours with an adapted language.

    Today's innovations are tomorrow's history and we are determined to make history.

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    Inspiration comes alive
    A personal travel experience with some friends was the starting point of the whole tourism project. "Wouldn't it be possible to make private tours affordable for a wider public?" We found our startup's mission.


    Helping teachers with complimentary activities
    We thought it would be very interesting to help our students gain a better understanding of our history by explaining artworks and pictures in different museums and walking tours. It's important to understand the past to be able to change the future.


    We developed Tourme Schools education activity
    We developed a new educational platform that allows teachers to develop curriculum-based activities for their pupils and other students from other schools by making them accesible to other teachers saving time and up to 60% of cost to their families.


    Private tours & Corporate Events
    We have redesigned the entire project from scratch, based on increasing traveller demands, businesses needs and our own personal travel experience with gastronomical experiences, "all included" tours for families, partners, friends, corporates...

    Our target is to acomplish our startup's mission.


    Our next travel
    We hope this project help revolitonize the travel industry making culture, history and gastronomy accessible to a wider public as well as helping other entrepreneurs find new ways to make things different for travellers.

    That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind, someone said once.

    Things can always be done different.
    Just think out of the box.

    José María signature

    José María de Juan, Founder